Laue diffraction is a powerful method for investigating crystal orientation

Using a polychromatic “white” beam configuration, our tool focuses a beam down to <200 microns spot size onto a single crystal material. A back reflection geometry is used to record as many Bragg reflections as possible within a single exposure onto a CMOS based detector. There are no requirements to rotate the sample against any axis to find out any crystal orientation that would enable specific optical, magnetic or electronic transport properties.

Our tool delivers orientation accuracy down to 0.05 degree, this is critical for semiconductor detectors, laser or gamma scintillation materials, ceramics and thin films.

Unlike EBSD, grain orientation maps can be generated from large scale samples using automatic scanning routines. This is particularly useful in the case of polycrystalline samples, multi phased alloys, where grain analysis, seed growth mechanism can be refined and modelled.

Using micro beam size and micro beam geometry, the tool will also allow probing local strain induced during crystal growth of complex alloys and integrated photonic materials.

Laue Crystal Orientation System

Real-time crystal orientation

Compact, desktop Laue crystal orientation system, available with either manual or motorised goniometers, provides Laue diffraction patterns in seconds...


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